Restoration Awaits…

Healing Emotions And Releasing Trauma

Beginning as early as pre-birth, we process and respond to every moment of life in some way. It has been determined that even the way our parents responded to our arrival can sub-consciously impact  our think  How we do this forms the basis of our belief system for how we view the world and those with whom we relate. Over time, these beliefs create behavior patterns which shape our personality and can affect how we make decisions.

If an event occurs that we perceive as traumatic–anything that is sudden and disturbing or distressing to us in some way–one of two things generally happens: we either develop a fear or we create a “never” statement or a vow that gets stored in our sub-conscience..

For instance, it could be something as simple as falling off our bicycle at age five can later manifest in a fear of heights. When this happens, our emotions can become trapped and over the course of our life the energy from these negative emotions can grow and eventually develop into various forms of physical ‘dis-ease’. By getting to the H.E.A.R.T. of the matter, we can experience freedom from the things that have kept us from maximizing our full potential.

It’s personal

By committing to this unique process, you will discover what things might be affecting you physically, emotionally and spiritually and preventing you from experiencing the fullness of joy.


every second is an opportunity for life to impact our perspective…

in 40 years, there have been 1,261,550,000 moments of impact