Life is a series of stories woven into a pattern that shapes and defines us. From the crucible of a small family business to leadership in a huge corporation, John Sipple learned to lead and establish values that made his leadership both different and effective. Back to the Cottage is a book on real leadership  in practice, not just theory. It is values – and God based, not just a recipe for what works. John uniquely extracts principles of leadership both from his story and from the stories of others in a way that engages both your heart and your mind. This is not just leadership for industry, but leadership in all aspects of life.

Back to the Cottage is one of those books that is called "written in due time". Everyone in the marketplace should read this book containing transforming truths and concepts, which when implemented will give enduring and profitable results. John has in his personal DNA a business legacy that came from his grandfather and father. The wisdom nuggets throughout this book are transferrable to every business or enterprise from Mom & Pop to corporations. We highly endorse the man and his book.    

           Aaron Evans, President, Emerging Daniel Company
           Author of Emerging Daniel Company


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