Newsletter 06 - December 2010

As many of you know from our last official update, (Newsletter 05 January-February 2009) we were on the cusp of our move from the Northeast to the south side of Atlanta, to the Peachtree City area, basically for two reasons—first, it was the place where we were divinely led to take Josiah after he was diagnosed with having high-functioning autism for a program which promises the reversal of this disorder. This is an amazing story of God’s marvelous grace and healing that has catapulted him from functioning at three to four years below his age level socially and developmentally to fully functioning as age appropriate and no longer on the autism spectrum! (See the Brain Balance” story).

The second reason for our relocation was our partnering as Kingdom Consultants with a local Christian Fellowship to assist them in a re-structuring and laying the foundation for the establishment of a regional equipping center.

Both of these endeavors were major learning curves for us. Truly an exercise in living out Psalm 32:8 – “being guided by His eye”. We were called to grow in maturity and spiritual understanding that we believe has better enabled us to prepare and carry out what is set before us in 2011 and 2012.

Some of the ministry highlights of this past year:

• In addition to monthly travel engagements throughout the country, we launched and hosted a number of guest speakers and bi-weekly (Training, Equipping Aligning, Coaching and Healing) sessions. These sessions allowed us to lay the foundation for what we believe the Lord has laid upon our hearts for the development of several multi-function regional centers.

• Aaron’s much awaited book The Emerging Daniel Company was published and released during a book signing event at Books-A-Million in Peachtree this May! (available for purchase on the EDC website)

• There were several new, divinely-orchestrated alliances created, about which, we are very excited to see how the Lord’s purposes evolve in the coming year.

• Our website underwent a major face lift to reflect the expanded vision that we received from the Lord, to “re-claim, re-gather and restore”, including the introduction of a new section called “Tactical and Practical Solutions” which contains ongoing articles from Aaron and Jill-Marie.

• Aaron was interviewed and appeared on at least three different cable TV shows in three different states!

• And last, but certainly not least, after basically maintaining two residences for the past year, (leasing a home in Georgia, while prayerfully awaiting the disposition of our home in MA) we have come full circle and re-located back to our home in the Northeast!

Looking over the events of the past year, we see how we, as well as some of you, are being positioned, aligned and prepared for enlargement and advancement. When many are downsizing, we (EDC) are being aligned to increase and upgrade into our new place that includes new direction, new dimension and a fresh perspective on how to walk with God in this season.

The Spirit has brought most of us to an awakening and alignment with Kingdom purposes. However, being awakened and aligned is not enough, we must become doers. There are so many sincere believers who are waiting for the Lord to move in their behalf and while we are in agreement with waiting on the Lord—He alone knows the timing that He has chosen for you-but there is a participating that is necessary for us to experience convergence. (Aaron will be writing more on this topic in the “Tactical Solutions” section in Jan 2011).

Following the pattern in scripture concerning Jesus is how we align and prepare for enlargement in our life purpose. Luke 2:10 says “and the child grew and become strong in spirit; filled with wisdom and the grace of God was upon him“. Verse 52 says that Jesus increased in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and with men. The child grew in order for us to realize our dreams. We must grow and growth demands change. This past year has brought us (EDC) to the realization that we needed to develop a healthy growth plan.

According to John Maxwell “Everything rises and falls on leadership”. Leadership as we have come to know it is being re-defined. Moving forward, we see an emerging leadership that is arising-a leadership that is free from selfish ambition and pride, free from the critical spirit and fear of men also known as a ‘man-pleasing’ spirit. There is so much jostling in the realm of the spirit caused by those who have self-appointed themselves apostolic leaders.

As we enter 2011 the wind of the Spirit will blow away the smoke and those that have been given true spiritual authority, power and favor will remain standing-a leadership who walks in the fear of the Lord and who engages the revelatory realm of Heaven. This new leadership will be marked by their intimacy with Him and seeking His approval. From this place of being with Him will come a greater sensitivity that is needed in this hour. We must become wise and discerning to steward what the Lord is releasing to this generation. Men and women, sons and daughters of the living God, will be sitting around the council table of
the Lord to receive His insight, wisdom, strategies and counsel.

Here are seven things that will help you break out of the status quo. It is time to arise and shine in 2011. If we do our part we know that He is going to do His--nay—He will do exceedingly abundantly more!

1st: Reflect on your uniqueness as a person. There is none like you! Love being yourself! Besides everybody else is already taken! Simply put—find your identity in Christ.

2nd Build on your strengths. There is a new trend arising in the marketplace—empowerment coaches. These are individuals who will encourage you and help direct you to navigate through your fears and disabling thoughts in order to fulfill your desires and purposes. Connect yourself with one who knows and lives by the Spirit of God and God’s life patterns to help you break through.

3rd: Develop a healthy personal growth plan that is holistic, encompassing all of life. Remember God is the God of life—all of life—not just church life. A healthy, holistic plan will cover the five domains of life: family, personal, kingdom, vocational and community.

4th: Cultivate stewardship—first with the inner resources God has given to you (your gifts and talents), then add value to all those around you in your sphere of influence.

5th: Your personal growth plan must be realistic, aggressive, with passion and focus to keep you on track for enlargement and increase.

6th: Your growth plan needs to be measurable: make it written and specific. The just living by faith quote means that you do not want to be held accountable. Those who live in the realm of excuses never accomplish anything of significance.

7th: It must be time-bound in order to move you from just being a good goal setter to a goal finisher.

Jesus, our example, taught us to grow to know our assignment (John 18:19) and to complete or accomplish our purpose (John 19:28 and 1 John 3:8).

We are excited about what God is revealing to us for the upcoming year as we continue to develop and expand each of the aspects of our centers and the partnerships He has orchestrated!