Themed Events

Please note: The events listed in our itinerary are those open to the general public. Open dates may not necessarily mean that date is available. Tentative dates, personal engagements and private meetings are not published.   

Spiritual Development


A monthly gathering focusing on 'Preparing The Bride for the Time of the End'  teachings will be on understanding and experiencing miracles, healings, signs and wonders, glory presence, visitations, and encounters during these times of corporate worship and intercession, prophetic declarations and appeals to Heaven for our land.  [more info]

WISDOM OF THE MASTER BUILDERS  An intensive training and equipping program focused on the development of six areas in life: spiritual; mental (attitudinal), physical, emotional, relational and financial.

Level 1 - Foundations Implemented through one day (Saturday) sessions over the course of four/five months for those leaders who discern and recognize that now is their time to go from toiling (which is giving your maximum effort but seeing minimum results) to dreaming and believing for the realization of their life assignment and destiny.  This series of teachings is limited to 30 attendees and a commitment to attend all sessions is required to ensure that effective learning and equipping is received. These sessions will be inspirational, instructional and inter-active.

Level 2 - Building Thereon Continuing on in the process of the Master Builder, level 2 goes deeper into the process established in Level 1 to create sustainability.  The Master Builders' assignment is to produce a functional body of Kingdom citizens who are well equipped to fulfill their vision to strategically expand the Kingdom in their sphere of influence.  This series of teachings is limited to those who have successfully completed WMB-Level 1. 

Level 3 - Operation & Maintenance  Completion of Level 1 and 2 are pre-requisites for this series. 

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT For ministry leaders who desire to reach their redemptive potential by growing in authority, intercession and discernment. These can be designed as one-day workshops on a quarterly basis or through one-on-one mentoring/coaching in order that leaders may sharpen their skills to be fruitful in every good work. 

FIVE-FOLD EQUIPPING ROUNDTABLES  The Lord is establishing Ephesian 4 communiies of Believers with a foundation of night and day prayer that reaches out to every sphere of society. (Eph 4:11-16)

AXIS OF SPIRITUAL CREATIVITY  A gathering inspired to ignite the unbridled spirit of creativity in each person through free-flowing worship, teaching and impartation.


Marketplace/Leadership Development

DEVELOPING LEADERS  Leadership meetings and summits for the purpose of preparing 21st Century Kingdom marketplace leadership who will influence and interface with the seven spheres of society. Equipping and empowering those with the priestly/kingly anointing while cultivating insight with understanding, intimacy and purity to finish the course well. 

CYRUS GATHERINGS   The Cyruses represent an Apostolic calling and anointing in the Marketplace. They  operate in both the provisional and deliverance dimensions of the Kingdom. As forerunners, they break open things that are present and future on the heart of God for the advancement of the Gospel of the Kingdom—the new initiatives that God wants to release in prophetic history.

ISAACHAR TEAMS - BUSINESS/MARKETPLACE (Small group) The Isaachar anointing will affect and influence those within our economic, governmental and business infrastructures so that the kingdoms of this world are restored to be the kingdoms of our Lord (Rev. 11:15).




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