Seven Sensations of the Spirit

Aaron Evans

We are made up of spirit, soul and body. In 1Thess 5:23, we are instructed by the apostle Paul to have the God of Peace sanctified in us completely, so that our whole spirit, soul and body be preserved blameless at the coming of the Lord Jesus.

Our human spirit is said to be comprised of conscience, intuition and communion. Spending time in the presence of the Holy Spirit and waiting on Him is communion that enhances our intuition and conscience. Living a life that is sensitive to the Holy Spirit allows us the privilege of cooperating with Heaven’s agenda. Becoming aware and alive to these manifestations will help us to become skillful and useful in advancing the Kingdom and strengthening our brothers and sisters.

Developing our human spirit to be attuned to the Holy Spirit will allow us to be led by the Spirit in these perilous times. It goes without saying that we certainly must have our bodies healed, healthy and whole with our minds renewed in order to be at the top of our walk with Him. Cultivating spiritual sensitivity to the season, movement and moment of the Spirit will allow us to lead many to righteousness (Dan 12:3).

There are seven basic sensations of our human spirit that we need to be aware of and learn to respond accordingly. Being wise includes understanding both natural and spiritual things that are indicators that some things are not right. Understanding these sensations of the Spirit will give insight into spiritual dynamics that are taking place. In Romans 8:14, it says that for as many as are led by the spirit of God, these are the sons of God.” Being called ‘sons of God’ in this text means mature sons and daughters who have a history and intimacy with Him.

Here are the seven sensations (senses) recorded in the Scriptures:

  1. To Sigh: Mark 7:34 – And looking up to the heaven, he sighed and saith unto him, Ephphata, that is be opened. The Greek word for sigh is “stenazo’ which means sigh, groan with a prayer burden. This is initiated by the Holy Spirit with a burden to pray. Mark 8:11-12 says he sighed deeply. Another word closely associated to this is groan as in Romans 8:23, Ezekiel 21:6 and 2 Cor 5:4.
  2. To Groan: John 11:33, 38 the Greek word “Embrimaomai” and means “an infusion of indignation’ or a sense of authority coupled with indignation. It is a mixture of authority and anger. Jesus in John 11:33, groaned in the spirit when he saw Mary and the Jews weeping. Jesus also began to weep then he was moved with righteous indignation and called Lazarus forth from the dead. Acts of injustice and untimely events will cause this moving in our spirits to respond to the will of the Lord. It is the Holy Spirit moving in our spirit to accomplish a purpose of Heaven.
  3. Being Troubled in Spirit: A common sensation that most of us have already experienced. In John 13:21, Jesus was troubled in spirit. To be troubled is to be stirred or agitated. The Greek word here is “tarraso” one can actually sometimes become sick in the stomach. When this occurs we are being given time to pray to avoid or change a bad situation. To be troubled is to discern active evil intent. Being troubled in our spirit can be to intercede for others who are unaware of danger.
  4.  Provoked or Stirred: As in Acts 17:16, the word ‘stirred’ in Greek here is “paroxuno” and means to do something to provoke. The Spirit of God stirs us because he is provoked that the activities of evil are being allowed to run rampant. Stirring our spirits to intercede that evil enterprises be shut down. Pray that their finances be dried up so that they can go out of business. 
  5. Being ‘Pressed” in the Spirit: The apostle Paul in Acts 18:5, is pressed in the spirit and he testifies to the Lordship of Jesus to the Jews. The Greek word is “Sunecho” and has to do with becoming one with the Holy Spirit. It is being conscious of the Holy Spirit’s presence, wanting to make Himself known. Being bound in spirit is another term associated as in Acts 20;22-23. The Holy Spirit removes all fears and all concerns. It is recorded that many of the martyrs experienced this sensation.
  6. Joy: It is a calm delight that goes deeper than emotions. The Greek word is “kharah”. It is not happiness. It is a sensation that can work with long suffering (Col 1:11). It is present in adverse circumstances as in Nehemiah 8:10. Romans 14:17 says for the Kingdom of God is not meat and drink but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. Those who will be connected to God’s house of prayer is promise to be joyful (Isa 56:7).
  7. Witness of the Spirit: The Greek word for witness is ‘summartureo’ and means to corroborate, to bear witness’ (Romans 8:16). The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit. This is our red light, green light spirit sensation. It is the indicator of right from wrong. This is our stop! Wrong direction! Or Right! Keep going!. The witness of the spirit is the number one way we are guided by Him. Cultivate this one well and it will keep you from the potholes, pitfalls and snares of evil.

Growing to discern and apply these will strengthen our daily walk with the Lord. Out-maneuvering the wicked one is to our advantage. The host of darkness is counting on our sick bodies, dull minds and our slumbering spirits to be easy pickings in these times.

Let’s develop spiritual sensitivity by spending time in His presence and learning His ways!