Practical Resources

Jill-Marie Evans

We understand that there are many helpful resources available and some provide excellent guidance and improvement.  What we are providing here is connectivity to some of the sources that we have personally used and encountered success with.  They are provided for informational purposes only.

Our goal here is to provide guidance for wholeness. While each of the seven areas of wellness previously mentioned (water, sleep/rest, living food (fruits/vegetables/healthy animal protein), exercise, detoxification, supplements and coping with stress.) are important in and of themselves, they are meant to be synergistic wherein they must be addressed together as they relate to one another.  

Join the Emerging Daniel Company Body Building team! We will be offering more in-depth teaching on these areas in the future, but for now, we want to assist in the building up of the body--the Body of Christ for his coming!


Image previewEnvironmental Working Group

Providing Information to protect your health and environment EWG
is the "Consumer Report" of health and household products. Find out how
to keep your home safe from unwanted toxins.Image  


Skin Deep  - Cosmetic Database by EWGThis is an amazingly informative website/database! Find out what is in the products that we use every day!  You will be 

surprised! Providing safety ratings for nearlya quarter of all products on the market--63,638 products with 7,769 ingredients. Skin Deep is the world's largest and most popular product safety guide.


Image preview 

back to the basics of human health

Very few people are truly well. The news media has labeled it a health care crisis because the majority of people cannot pay their lifetime medical expenses... and no one else can either. We are led from one "new scientific breakthrough" to another, from one "new medical discovery" to another, and yet people are getting more and more sick. Millions of people suffer from indigestion, insomnia, depression, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, fatigue, ADD, infertility, obesity, frequent colds that they can't get over, asthma, impotency, and hormonal problems, just to name a few.

Most of what we see and hear is manipulated to wipe out our common sense and convince us that this is just the way it is. People become lulled into complacency when they should be outraged. How many people notice how prevalent being sick in our society really is? If they don't see it in the news over and over again, they figure that is just isn't so. But, many pertinent health issues do not make the front-page news because most journalists obtain their information from statements given to them by organizations or individuals that have vested interests.

"Going Back to the Basics of Human Health is a starting point for all those who want to be healthy. In the spirit of true investigative reporting, it walks you quickly and succinctly, step by step, through health basics that most people skip over in their thought processes about health. Going Back to the Basics of Human Health is a compilation of various nutritional studies, many of which have not reached widespread public awareness."